• Doors will open for arrival at 8:25 AM.

  • Grade level door assignments:

    • Kindergarten AM: C-8 (back entrance near the ramp)

    • Kindergarten PM: C-9 (back entrance, closest to the Native Habitat Garden)

    • Grade1: A-1 (main entrance)

    • Grade 5: A-2 (front entrance on the left side of the building, closest to the playground)

    • Grade 2: C-6 (back entrance into the gym)

    • Grades 3 & 4: C-9 (back entrance, closest to the Native Habitat Garden)

    • A map of entrances can be found below

  • As students arrive, they should form a line at the entrance

  • The playground and recreational spaces are closed before and during school hours


Students will be escorted to the same doors for dismissal that they entered. Grades will be dismissed beginning at 3:30 PM in the following order:

  • 5th, 3rd, & 2nd
  • 4th

  • K & 1st


Markham has two options for easy and safe drop-off and pick-up of children. Please review the procedures listed in this document, choose the option that is right for your family, and review it with your children so that they understand where to go. You may also refer to the map below for further clarification of these procedures.

Please be reminded that the Go-Zone is not for parking and families should not leave cars unattended in the Go Zone in order to walk children to the building during this time. If you would like to walk your children to the building, please park in the Bird Park parking lot.

Additionally, cars should not pull into the governor's drive. Children walk through this area and may not be visible.

Thank you for your efforts and cooperation to endure all in our Markham Circle remain safe and secure!


AM Kindergarten

  • Arrival 8:25-8:30 Door C-8
  • Dismissal 11:20 Door C-9

PM Kindergarten

  • Arrival 12:40 Door C-9
  • Dismissal 3:30 Door C-8